Music On The Couch

Come sit on The Couch every Monday when I present "Musicians You Should Know". We cover Blues and Rock and Roll with occasional forays into Country/Roots and R&B. Each show we interview at least 3 guests and sometimes 4. Many of my past guests honor Music On The Couch by debuting new music before it is released. I have had the honor to present WORLD PREMIERS of a number of albums over the last year.


episode 468: Chris Simmons-Tiffany Pollack & Eric Johanson-CKNM Larry Griffith, Bear & Robert

CHRIS SIMMONS I was introduced to Chris’ music by good friend Daniel Day.  Together we will learn about his journey and the influences that helped form his music while we listen to songs from two of Chris’ albums; Hallelujah Man and Set Me On Fire.   TIFFANY POLLACK & ERIC JOHANSON Pollack is an acclaimed New Orleans jazz singer and Johanson is former lead guitarist for Cyril Neville and together they offer up Blues In My Blood.  I’ll chat with them and find out how they each got to the place where they met and then how the music for this album came to be.   LARRY GRIFFITH – COUCH KID NEW MUSIC Larry returns to The Couch to talk about all that has been going on in his world since his last visit and the creation of his latest release, Bonafide.   BEAR & ROBERT – COUCH KID NEW MUSIC Cindy & Frank return to The Couch to talk about their new full-length album, Hearts In Blues.  These two continue to build their audience through their music, which is born out of their love.


 2019-04-16  3h2m