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Why do musicians create what they do? Why do they create in that particular way? Mark Linsenmayer (aka songwriter Mark Lint, and host of The Partially Examined Life) talks to songwriters and composers about specific recordings, which are played in full. We cover lyric meanings, writing and recording techniques, arrangements, band dynamics, the stories behind the songs, and even music theory.



NEM#96: Andrew McMahon Throws in All His Favorite Things

Andrew has put out nine albums and a few EPs of piano-and-vocal-based pop since he was in high school in the late 90s, first with the more guitar-heavy Something Corporate, then starting in 2004 as Jack's Mannequin, and then since 2013 as Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, with whom he's had his biggest hits.
We discuss "Blue Vacation" from Upside Down Flowers (2018), "Synesthesia" from The Pop Underground EP, "Me and the Moon" by Something Corporate from North (2003), and conclude by listening to "Swim" by Jack's Passenger from The Glass Passenger (2008). Opening music: "I Woke Up in a Car" by Something Corporate from Leaving Through The Window (2002). For more, see 
Watch the videos to his most popular songs, "Cecilia and the Satellite" and "Fire Escape." "Dark Blue" is another big one from Jack's Mannequin. Here's a recent live show. Here are a couple of live tracks with him playing solo. Here's the trailer for Dear Jack, the film about Andrew (narrated by Tommy Lee!).
Photo: Tyler Roberts/Aesthetic Magazine
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 2019-04-20  1h10m