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episode 59: #59: Plants, Pets, or Children?

The question of whether you want to raise a family is something we all have to decide. It seems like today, people have taken the term ‘family’ and flipped it on its head. Ryan wants to talk about the pros/cons of raising any of these of elements and if it’s actually worth it for you.
Would You Rather Raise Children, Pets, or Plants? Outline

* Before we get into it, there are a couple of factors we like to highlight for consideration:

* Costs: Financial and emotional.
* Environment: Costs and limited resources.
* Household Dynamic: Dual income, single income, etc.
* Number of Household additions – 1, 2, 3, 4, etc?

* Pros/Cons of Household elements:

* Plants
* Pets
* Children

Some people do not know they cannot have children later on in life, what happens to the relationship then?
Fun facts:

Average cost to raise a child in America – $233,610 (from 1 to 17)
Annual pet expenses – Total Annual Costs: Dog: $695 / Cat: $705 ($12k from age 1 to 17)

* Resource Reads:

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 2019-04-21  48m