Pedaling Podcast

John decided to take on a 20,000km bikepacking from Auckland to London and en route he plans to talk with cycling industry, enthusiasts, athletes and other unique stories along the way. Follow along the journey as he crosses New Zealand, Australia, Asia, India and into Europe.


episode 13: Cycling the World - World Spokes People

A couple of kiwis with their UK visas coming to an end, decided to get home the long way. 

Anneke and Tane share their story with me from the beginning. Listen to their journey that started out in a London pub when the idea first started, the venture across Europe, Asia and back to New Zealand, 20,000 kilometers later.

The funny start to the story is that Anekke and Tane gave me the inspiration to do this trip myself. After seeing their journey starting, visiting their website, I would often be found searching across their map. Now that my trip is starting in two weeks, I have both of these two to thank for helping kickstart my trip in a similar way back home.

Pedaling Podcast is a show bought to you from New Zealand as I begin my cycle back home to Britain. I’ll be Pedaling 20,000km over a year with a mission to discover cycling stories across the world. I'm discovering my own journey at the same time, figuring out what drives me to cycle by asking others the same question. 

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 2019-04-24  1h43m