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episode 60: #60: Dating Coaches, Clinginess, Delaying Family

The TRP team decided to change the format of our episodes moving forward. This is so each of us gets a chance to talk about a topic that is important to each of us. Plus, this gives our listeners a chance to hear a variety of topics. Sometimes the variety of life is better, right? Today, we discuss dating coaches, clinginess, and delaying family.
Dating Coaches, Clinginess, Delaying Family Outline

J Topic: Should People Considering Using A Dating Coach?

From your lens, do you think it is more difficult to find a match now versus back then?
What are your thoughts if someone you know wanted to use a dating coach?
Is there a stigma for people that need the aid of a dating coach?
Single Dating Coach vs Boo’d Up Dating Coach. Would you use a single Dating Coach?

A Topic: How To Deal With Stage 5 Clinginess.

In your younger days, have you ever been accused of being clingy?
What would you say is the difference between “clingy” and “stage 5 clingy?”
Have you ever dated anyone that was either of those things?
What would be your advice to someone who is really attracted to a stage 5 clinger?

R Topic: What Are The Challenges Of Starting A Family Later?

Do you feel people in this generation are more likely to freeze their eggs or sperm as they get older?
Which gender is more likely to sacrifice their career for the greater good of the family unit?
Why are some people not hindered to start a family knowing they cannot afford to do so (student loans, mortgages, etc.)?
What are your thoughts on this LGBTQ family, who asked their maternal mom (baby’s grandmother) as a surrogate?

Follow-Up (if unanswered): What do you think the impact will be on the mom?

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