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episode 61: #61: The Future Of Love, Moving For Love, Feeling Vulnerable

In podcast episode 61, we continue our 3 Topics 1 Podcast format. John wants to discuss the future of love, Andrey revisits Ross & Rachel regarding the motivation to move for another partner, and Ryan reviews vulnerability.
The Future Of Love, Moving For Love, Feeling Vulnerable Outline

J Topic: Not Your Typical Love In Society Today

How many people do you know that have found love in virtual reality? (ie. Online games)
Why do you think people fall in love with inanimate objects (Objectum sexuality)?
What do you think is the appeal of having robots as lovers?
Is there a fear that normal human relationships will eventually become obsolete?

A Topic: What Would It Take For You To Move?

With “Ross” moving and my friends that came back from out of town, I started to think of what it would take for me to move. So here are a few scenarios and I wanted to get your takes on if you would move in these situations:

Your partner finds a job that requires her to move to that area.
Work asks you to relocate. This assumes that they’ll cover relocation costs and there would be just enough of an increase in pay for you to consider it.
The market in which you work becomes inhospitable for that industry (i.e. tech, firearm, tax regulations).

What kind of pay/benefits would you need to get to take a job in a part of the country where you would be completely isolated from your current friends and family?

R Topic: The State Of Vulnerability In 2019

Does social media make youth more or less vulnerable in 2019?
Is it necessary for a leader to be vulnerable in order to become successful in managing their team?
The act of suicide is a state of vulnerability, why do more men go through with it than women?
Do you feel Artificial Intelligence (AI) will allow humans to be more or less vulnerable in the future?

Do you think AI will dictate how frequently men and women have sex?

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