Laufen und Leben

Du brennst dafür, den nächsten Schritt zu wagen, weißt aber nicht genau wie. In diesem Podcast dreht sich alles darum, was es braucht, um deine nächsten Laufziele zu erreichen. Egal ob Halbmarathon, Marathon, Ultra, ob Strasse oder Trails. Du bekommst Tipps und Ressourcen an die Hand, die dir auch helfen, dein Leben leichter zu gestalten, zu mehr Zufriedenheit zu finden und dabei jede Menge Mut, Selbstvertrauen und Leichtigkeit zu gewinnen.


Richard Bowles - How a normal guy with a radically different view shakes up the world of extreme adventure running setting world records on the way

We all are  uniquely different. Just how do your turn your strenghts into success?

What started as a fun run to shed some pounds lit the fire to evolve into a super accomplished extreme adventurer.


Looking at Richard Bowles, setting new standards in the world of extreme ultra mountain and trail running, you´d think it´s all genetics, talent and maybe luck to be able to pull off many world records.


But it´s that not in Richard´s eyes. When you look at him, he looks like a normal guy. In truth, he most likely is but with a radically different view pushing for progress every day.  


One of many big surprises is that he doesn´t even consider himself a runner or feels particularly passionate about running. But why would anybody voluntarily push himself and run over 26,550,000 steps during numerous running projects and going for new world records?


The why is difficult to answer and Richard was so intrigued by the questions he kept getting that he took a brake and searched for the answer for a year. Only to find out, it´s simpler than you think.


What´s left inside you when you´re out there on often very secluded trails pushing yourself with every step often for days and weeks with only small rests in between, passion or talent is not going to pull you along.

It´s the power of the mind which everybody has got access to. And Richard is truly obsessed with how to work his mind inside out. He has run across the longest marked trails in the world, amongst them the Bicentennial National Trail in Australia covering a distance of 5,330 km, the Te Araroa Trail in New Zealand with a distance of 3, 054 km and the 1,009 km long National Trail in Israel, just to name a few.

When it comes to personal growth and development, he knows no limit and endures in outrageously and often dangerous challenges helping him to strip down to the core, striving to become a better person every day.

But there is also that side beyond constantly progressing and pushing about him. In our conversation, he wasn´t shy to talk about sex and what turned the coin for him, when a farmer stuck a gun in his mouth ready to shoot him.

Richard shares valuable insights about his day-to-day life and gives mindset tips how you can stay on your tracks when you lose motivation and bridging the gap between giving up and continuing to try and accomplish your goals.

When he´s not running and planning his next crazy adventure, Richard rocks the stages all over Australia and Asia as a keynote speaker for big companies delivering the tools to change your life and ultimately feel more in control of your decision.

It seems there is only black and white in his world. And maybe it´s what brought him to where he is. Just a normal guy doing what he´s best at without allowing anything to stop him from accomplishing his goals. 

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