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Ken’s 5-Star Classical Playlist No. 1

Many of our listeners will ask Ken what’s on his playlist?

Just a few years ago if you had asked that, people would be wondering, “What are you talking about?”

My have the times changed with today’s modern electronics and so has our vocabulary grown to reflect the advancement of today’s modern high tech gadgets.

So in answer to everyone’s question, we present to you a broadcast made exclusively of Ken’s 5-star classical playlist.

Probably a great many numbers you will recognize, but maybe some are not too familiar to you. Don’t worry, we’ll list the name of each piece as it is being played.

Also by clicking on the name of each piece, you will be take over to our CD store so you can order Ken’s playlist for yourself as a digital download for only $1.99!

So now we are pleased to bring to you - Ken’s 5-star Playlist

Order the music used for this broadcast below:


 2013-07-31  2h17m