Yeast Radio with Madge Weinstein

Lesbian LGBTQ podcast. One of the first queer podcasts, running since November of 2004. Sometimes it's a roundtable of transgressive characters. At other times, It's Madge Weinstein's stream of consciousness.


YR1201 Apple Watch Trout-Filled Waterbed

A wildly different Yeast Radio Group Grum (not really) as Debra, Cheryl, and I make some nice girl talk followed by calls to our usual "friends" and some new ones! Hint: Apple Watch. Hint: Trout. Hint: FEEESH SHOW NOTES: Today finds Madge, Cheryl and Debra on a mini-vacay heading to the apple event with tickets provided in an elegant and foreboding invitation. Failing to get a room at The Peabody which was filled due Cindy McVain's personal obsession with sexually charged swirls of corkscrew shaped duck penises, they find all the other hotels packed to bursting with rotund, nerdy types who's social skills barely rival those of Nell played by Jody Foster. They finally find a decent room with your average radioactive trout swimming in the clear water mattress. Unbeknownst to them, as they slept, bedbugs, having been indirectly irradiated by the proximity to the trout, climbed all over and inside Cheryl's plethora of protruding prolapse. It doesn't end there. The previous room occupant was none other than The late Oprah Winfrey. When she died earlier in the day, her spirit joined with that of the bedbugs and trout, and so into Cheryl as well. Oprah's spirit reacted badly to her prison of fleshy surroundings with the fury and omnipresence of a demonic possession so powerful, Jesus, himself, soiled his sacrament. Morning came and after an Uber trip to a google car ride to The Flint Center, the three women find themselves waiting patiently with the rest of the audience totally unaware of the malignant hellion spirit rumbling below biding it's time until... " more thing." As the audience stands and cheers, the Oprah Demon takes over Cheryl where she finds herself running on to the stage. Loathsome liquid raunch spews forth onto the first few rows from Cheryl's vibrating lapse. Only three things could be heard among the silently shocked spectators. Tim cook's feeble attempt to continue through the interruption in the background, Squirts of squalid soiled spirit-soup and Cheryl's vile verbage. "You get a shart and YOU get a shart and YOU get a shart and..."


 2014-09-11  3h20m