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YR1199 Cindy McCain uses Duck Rape Glory Holes in the Penthouse… Is That Normal?

New grum for YOU with Cheryl Merkowski, Debra Wilkerson, and Madge Weinstein. If you want show notes, WRITE THEM YOURSELF! Show notes: Penetrative probe finds Cindy McCain goes afoul of our fine feathered friends. You may want to skip the duck l'orange as it may contain a bit of extra protein. Hi. I'm Cheryl Babymagee running for office against Cindy McCain. Our sources confirm that Ms. McCain May be involved in large scale institutionalized rape of ducks. Fact: public records show that Ms. McCain frequented the famous Peabody Hotel from 1993 through 2006. Fact: the Peabody is known for it's daily parade of ducks. Fact: ducks often disappeared during her penetration Parties at the Peabody. A reliable source confirms that she heRd intensive quacking coming from Ms. Mccain's room on a regular basis. When confronted, Ms. McCain brushed it away as having a bad cold. Do you want this festering foul philanderer elected to office? Don't decide to deliver these disgusting duck dickers into public power. Vote Cheryl Magee In November. Paid for by the DUCK Family Unified Center of Research Society. (DUCK-FUCRS)


 2014-09-02  3h55m