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Join Ewan Spence and ESC Insight as they take you on the journey that is the Eurovision Song Contest. From an introduction to the contest and rules, through the songs chosen by each country to backstage at the stadium, this is your unofficial guide to one of the world's favourite television shows, with over 200 million viewers worldwide each year.



Eurovision Insight Podcast: Daily News From Tel Aviv, Tuesday 7th May

We’re back once more to the Expo Tel Aviv complex to cover this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with another round-table . We’re moving back to the round-table discussions of the day’s rehearsal. If you’re wondering about the timing and scheduling of the coverage, we’ve explained the thinking here. Eurovision Insight Podcast: Daily News From Tel Aviv, Tuesday 7th May Day two of the daily podcast from backstage at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, discussing the rehearsals from the bottom half of Semi Final 1. With Ewan Spence, Sharleen Wright, and Samantha Ross. Now the rehearsals are under way, stay up to date with all the Eurovision discussions by listening to the ESC Insight podcasts. You’ll find the show in iTunes, Google Podcasts, and Spotify. A direct RSS feed is  available. We also have a regular email newsletter which you can sign up to here. The post Eurovision Insight Podcast: Daily News From Tel Aviv, Tuesday 7th May appeared first on ESC Insight - Home of the Unofficial Eurovision Song Contest Podcast.


 2019-05-07  33m