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Apple Earnings, Services vs. Hardware, AT&T Fake 5G w/Ken Ray - ACM 511

Bryan Chaffin is joined by guest cohost Ken Ray for a spirited look into Apple’s earnings report. The two also weigh the real meaning behind Apple’s outward emphasis on services and what that means for Apple hardware. They cap the show with a rant about AT&T’s fake 5G. Spoiler: AT&T’s claims of a “5G” network are fake.

Sources referenced in this episode:
  • Apple Posts Revenues of $58 Billion for March Quarter, Down 5% - Emphasizes Record Services Revenues and Raises Dividend [Update]
  • Wall Street Likes Apple Guidance and iPhone Trade-In Program Results, Sends $AAPL Higher After Hours
  • Fake AT&T 5G E Could Be Slower Than 4G
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 2019-05-08  1h3m