Pedaling Podcast

John decided to take on a 20,000km bikepacking from Auckland to London and en route he plans to talk with cycling industry, enthusiasts, athletes and other unique stories along the way. Follow along the journey as he crosses New Zealand, Australia, Asia, India and into Europe.


Sydney: Time to Ride feat: Of Mountains of Men

The first step was arriving in Sydney, still not 100% ready, I share my insights and experience so far in Australia as I finalise all the pieces for my bikepacking trip all the way back to the UK. I also chat with my hosts, Paddy and David from Of Mountains and Men, who invited me to stay after listening to my recent podcast with World Spoke People Anneke and Tane, who are also following the same path that they did, just like I am. Pedaling Podcast is a show bought to you from New Zealand as I begin my cycle back home to Britain. I’ll be Pedaling 20,000km over a year with a mission to discover cycling stories across the world. I'm discovering my own journey at the same time, figuring out what drives me to cycle by asking others the same question. Follow online at Instagram too


 2019-05-11  47m