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Third Rail Ep. 102: Based Ho Chi MinhCel

Third Rail Ep 102: Based Ho Chi MinhCel John Q. Publius, Borzoi and Spectre are joined by Larry Ridgeway to discuss the incel question, how diet and exercise is fascist, black privilege, Wiley E. Coyote’s role in the Holocaust, the Eternal Woman (Die Ewige Frau) and so much more. Twitter @AnatomicallyOK @LoveStreetBro Chief Researcher @Czech_Alexa The Anatomically Correct Banana The Cocktail Hour Republic Standard RSS FEED DOWNLOAD LINK - illegal to profile POC Fat ass stuff AltRight toxic masculinity Nonprofit nailed out guy who then murdered his wife - Florida law outlawing sanctuary cities - Democrat argumenst


 2019-04-27  2h20m