The Great American Houseboat




Exodus Americanus #158: Bellum Non Mutat

This week, Miles Poland of The Godcast ties onto the house boat to help celebrate the resurrection of our Lord.    -Happy Easter food posting -Journalist are still just awful  -How far can you push a Pol?  -Mueller Derangement Syndrome -No school to workplace pipeline  -Buy a rifle. Palmetto State Armory is always having sales and there's no reason that you can't have a rifle and a thousand rounds of ammo. https://palmettostatearmory.com/ -Polish kids are more trad than you -Donkey Kong is bad mmkay -Big foot, big cats, and missing 411 -I thought this was America Moment -Military Memories -Border problems -That nigga stole my bike  -South Park did it. -Big Foot cummies -Get a hobby   Please send a Cessna 182t and twenty dollar bills to: Exodus Americanus POBox 519 3818 Paoli Pike Floyds Knobs, IN 47119   RSS Feed: exodusamericanus.libsyn.com/rss Send stuff from Amazon: a.co/iu8E9IK bitcoin: 1D5RVLZYBE9ctLDfL6L4yop8LB1wEYPx2a bitcoincash: qzz808vrg2mx89j3xvfadmv8gl3gsq68hs3u8ph6cl  Ethereum: 0x0B4Bb1db1889853C34A0E42d4088Ce3759ff8675


 2019-04-23  2h21m