The Great American Houseboat




Episode 44 - HouseBoatsinker

Welcome to another week of the Great American Houseboat Party! This week we take boat posting to another level with special guest, the Ed (((Roth))) of the alt right, Boatsinker (@Clausfarre143 on the twitter there, goyim). As per ush, topics run wild. We counter signal the counter signals, take cheap shots at Richard Spencer and Seventh Son, reclaim the mantle of Chad Nationalists, weigh in on #PizzaGate, and finally get into some deep, good-feeling, Christmas Posting. I'm the White Power Ranger(@RoscoeSBJones) in the right seat, with Mr Stone(@ExoAmericanus) behind the helm. PS: Don't forget to send some ZOG BUXX our way to help get our archives back online. PPS: The outro song was purchased by a goy on the facebook group. It's worse than the worst DMX track. Disavow. -Roscoe


 2016-11-28  1h42m