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episode 62: #62: Age Gap,, Creepy Jobs

Welcome to episode 62! In this episode, I focus on relationship age gaps, Andrey discusses an exclusive dating club. and Ryan explores weird (and/or creepy) career options.
Relationship Age Gap,, Creepy Jobs Outline

J Topic: Let’s Talk About The Relationship Age Gap

Should age matter between 2 consenting adults?
What about relationships between a minor and adult?

Is there a difference between couples that are 17 and 18  vs. 17 and 40 year old?

Why is there stigma between men and women?

Men dating younger women vs. Women dating younger men

Men typically date younger for fertility.

Is this still a truthful statement today?
Will this always be true?

Women date older men for resources.

Will this always be true?
Since the wage gap is getting smaller between the sexes, how likely is this going to be true in the future?

A Topic: has been around since 2002, but the New York Post broke the news on this controversial dating site yesterday. To add your profile to this site, you have to get voted in by the users. If you don’t make the cut, then you simply can’t be a part of this exclusive dating site.

What are your initial thoughts and reactions?

The required traits are all completely aesthetic: bad teeth, overweight, too effeminate, etc.

Assuming that you would qualify for the site, would this be something you would join?

They accept roughly only 15% of applicants, and even the founder, Greg Hodge, was stripped of his account last year for not being “hot” enough. Because of this, the founder then built in a feature that lets people know why they go rejected and offer suggestions on what to get corrected through plastic surgery.

Is there anything that you wouldn’t mind getting plastic surgery on yourself?
Would you date someone that has had plastic surgery done?

I’ve been joining a few “exclusive” groups on FB recently, like the ones where you have to submit an application. It’s mainly to weed out people who know nothing about the subject matter that the group’s about. It seems to help and the discussions tend to be pretty focused and are full of useful information. So I’m thinking, having requirements itself isn’t a bad thing.

If you could make an exclusive dating site, what requirements would you put for applicants?

R Topic:  Creepy Jobs In Society

We talk a lot about work but what people don’t realize is the diversity of jobs out there. While in transition for my next career move, I wanted to see what was out there and here’s what I uncovered and wanted to get you guys’ thoughts on the matter.

What’s the creepiest (or weirdest) job you have ever partaken in?
Based on this list, what is the most creepy?

Bomb Technician
Crab Fisherman


 2019-05-12  1h10m