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#442 – An Interview with Travis Goodspeed

Welcome, Travis Goodspeed!

  • Chris and Travis first met at after ESC Chicago in 2010.
  • TI Developer conference 2008 got into msp430
  • Chronos watch, had an “open source” design, much of the info was missing.
  • The GoodWatch project has an RPN calculator, assembler , disassembler, radio onboard
  • The chipcon430 was targeted at electric power meters
  • dapnet
  • IM ME
  • P25 PTT
  • Travis wrote a jammer for P25
  • Why special agent johnny still can’t encrypt
  • Sandy Clark
  • IM ME uses the same radio core
  • P25 is 4FSK
  • DMR
  • The MD380 is a digital mode HT radio (larger than a baofeng) for HAMs that costs about $90
  • MD380 tools on github
  • “As soon as open tools catch up, I jump ship to them”
  • The GoodFET project was built upon a similar msp430 Flash Emulation Tool
  • Mask ROM bootloader in msp430
  • Mike Ossmann wanted to redesign and paid Travis $5 for the files. This became the GreatFET.
  • Goodwatch also has python env
  • Travis got into ham radio at SkydogCon
  • Old tv newsvan
  • Facedancer project, now run by Kate Tempkin
  • Initially was for testing usb vulnerabilities
  • Time of check to time of use check
  • Kate attacks the Nintendo switch
  • Studebaker
  • Vapor lock
  • Knoxville
  • Recon Montreal
  • Camp++
  • Follow Travis on Twitter @travisgoodspeed
  • Do you know anyone at TI? Please have them reach out to Travis about the TI conference and how to bring it back


 2019-05-13  1h12m