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Welcome to The Debug Log, a podcast about game development. Hosts Andrew, Obinna, Zack, Ryan, and Eduardo are all professional game developers. From games for health care to AAA mobile games, these guys have experienced it all and have the scars to prove it. That being said, this is not your typical developer podcast. The Debug Log balances in-depth discussions and interviews with a casual and wry sense of humor. Aiming to be both entertaining and informative, the show targets developers of all skill levels. Whether you’re just getting started or have several games under your belt, you’re sure to find something of value. Join them each week as they deep dive into the evolving world of game development.



episode 99: Episode 99: The Darkside of Development: Company Closures II

What is better than three episodes about the dark underbelly of software development? FOUR episodes about the dark underbelly of software development!! That’s right depressed ladies and gents. It’s that time YET AGAIN! Put grandma and grandpappy to bed, grab a box of tissues, a tub of ice cream, a random picture of Obinna, and any other items needed to lift your spirits, and sit back and enjoy part four of The Darkside of Development. In this episode, Obinna sits down with former co-workers Mira Marquez, Jim Diaz, and Geoffrey Nahashon to talk company closures, specifically, the closure of the infamous 'Sprockets.' We take a more narrative approach to this episode as we analyze and assess what we think caused the end of the studio. Again, we end the episode with positivity and rainbows to ensure the next generation of game developers leave with a smile on their faces and a pep in their step! Thanks for tuning in this week and we hope you enjoy the show! Feel free to send any emails with questions you may have about studio closures. Contact us at:


 2019-05-15  1h0m