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episode 217: A Planning Masterclass with Peter Morville

Daniel and Ciaran take a closer look at planning with an in-depth interview with Peter Morville, the father of information architecture and the author behind the book Planning for Everything: The Design Of Paths and Goals. Peter walks us through the principles and practices of great non-linear planning, which he uses to help both himself and his clients build a better future. In today's world, almost anything is possible, but to achieve it, you need to know how to plan and how to adjust the plan to fit the rapidly evolving landscape we all live and play within.  If you hate planning, Peter would argue you're doing it wrong. Fortunately, planning is a skill, everyone from playful improviser to rigorous planner can significantly improve if they are ready to learn. Discover what better planning might do for you, and your organisation. Listen in and be inspired by learning, adjusting and refining how you approach planning and implementation of your plan. Peter's principles are an excellent springboard to take your ideas and future to a whole different level. Jump on board and see where they take you. Useful Links Semantic Studios Peter on Twitter:@morville ‏ Planning Everything By Peter Morville Information Architecture By Peter Morville Eric Ries: The Lean Startup Charles Snyder: The Psychology of Hope Pema Chödrön Peter Drucker W. Edwards Denning  


 2019-05-15  34m