Music On The Couch

Come sit on The Couch every Monday when I present "Musicians You Should Know". We cover Blues and Rock and Roll with occasional forays into Country/Roots and R&B. Each show we interview at least 3 guests and sometimes 4. Many of my past guests honor Music On The Couch by debuting new music before it is released. I have had the honor to present WORLD PREMIERS of a number of albums over the last year.


episode 390: Tucci, Prestage Brothers, Randy McQuay, CKNM Altered Five Blues Band

THE TUCCI BAND  Tucci is a rockin’ blues, funk, R&B, jazz, often indescribable mashup featuring a unique, funky, danceable sound. The band has ties back to The Allman Brothers and The Greg Allman Band and has just released the new album Olivia. Steve Tucci and I traced his path from upstate NY to Sarasota and partnering with Dan Toler and so much more. PRESTAGE BROTHERS Ben Prestage and Jon Debt Prestage have released Prestage Brothers.  They did not connect, so we will find a place to book them in the future. THE ALTERED FIVE BLUES BAND – COUCH KID NEW MUSIC Segment Begins At The 53:00 Mark Jeff Schroedl and Jeff Taylor returned for COUCH KID NEW MUSIC with their album, Charmed & Dangerous.  It came out on the Blind Pig label in August and was produced by Tom Hambridge.  We talked about the changes in the band, the recording of the album and more. RANDY McQUAY – Segment Begins At The 1:37:00 Mark Randy won the Solo/Duo IBC Challenge in 2015.  He returned in 2017 and made the final stage again.  His latest album is My Kind Of Blues and he and I talked about the incredible journey he started at 16.


 2017-10-03  2h22m