Jewelcast: JFTC in your ears

Jewelcast is the official podcast of Jewels from the Crown, SB Nation's Los Angeles Kings blog! Join the JFTC writers and guests from around the SB Nation network as they talk Kings and discuss the NHL.


Nine: Mars Needs Manners

In light of some recent revelations from the hockey blogosphere, this week's Jewelcast will shift gears quite a bit to discuss a serious topic: women in the hockey blogosphere/Twitterverse/whatever you'd like to call it. Unfortunately it is not uncommon for ladies to experience difficulties in male-dominated spaces, from having their right and ability to particapate unduly questioned to full-out harassment. We'll be joined by our own Langluy (@langluy) from Jewels, making her first appearence on the podcast, as well as Chanelle and Diane from the wonderful blog/podcast Thx Bud (who previously appeared in our second episode), to discuss their own experiences. And we'll also have open lines (via either our phone call-in or Skype click-to-talk) for any other women to join the conversation! This is an important topic and one we're looking forward to bringing to you on this week's Jewelcast.


 2014-08-19  1h47m