Jewelcast: JFTC in your ears

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Seven: Teal Tears

It's week five of the Pacific division summer preview series, and we've finally reached the only place that really matters: California. It's time to discuss the San Jose Sharks, who had yet another fantastic season, finishing 2nd in the Pacific with 111 points, only to flame out in the playoffs in perhaps their most hilarious fashion yet, blowing a 3-0 series lead in the first round to.....wait for it.....the Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles Kings! Since then it's been a summer of confusion and craziness in the Bay Area, as Doug Wilson lost his mind and declared a rebuild was starting, teasing that he wanted to move one or both of his franchise cornerstones Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau, but ultimately settled for moving out some ancient defensemen, adding ice girls (?), and signing John Scott (???). What does it all mean for the Sharks? We'll try to make heads or tails of it with two very special guests: Derek from Fear the Fin, perhaps better known as The Neutral or the guy who runs the popular @fearthefin Twitter account, and Stace (@stace_ofbase) of alleged hockey site Battle of California. Folks, you won't wanna miss this one!


 2014-08-05  1h20m