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The LaLa Land Diet, Moms Using Marijuana on PPD, Crazy Important Cancer Research

PART 1  Laura Diaz, known by her friends as LaLa and known in the industry as Chef LaLa. We talk Food & Hormones. Tips for busy moms with picky eaters. Get hooked up with the best foods & feel the love from Chef LaLa with her local delivery here: PART 2  Sharon Spencer Schlesinger, Founder of Metastatic Breast Cancer Initiative LA with Susan G Komen. She chairs the annual conference. I'd say she's kind of a big deal. And gives some serious stats & important news for all women. Moms who've survived Breast Cancer (or if a loved-one has) please pay attention to this one & connect with the work Sharon is doing. Give your support & learn more here from Sharon here. PART 3  Celia Behar, Pro-Marijuana PPD Survivor, Trained Therapist & Lifecoach, & Founder of The Lil Mamas Lifestyle Website. She's the face of "Marijuana Moms" whether to meant to be or not. Her blog post went viral & after being featured by everyone from Huffington post to NBC, she feels maybe a mission has picked her to lead it. How does Marijuana work for Depression, Anxiety & Insomnia for Moms? Where do you get it? How do you start? Celia walks us through the whole thing!


 2017-02-21  1h43m