World Business Academy

The World Business Academy is a non-profit business think tank and network of business and thought leaders founded in 1986 with the mission to inspire and help business assume responsibility for the whole of society. Our monthly show focuses on the state of the political economy including trends we see emerging in markets and how our listeners can prepare for them.


Economic, Political, and Climate Literacy for 2019 and Beyond

Recorded on February 23, 2019 On this episode of New Business Paradigms Rinaldo and Kristy focus on improving literacy in finance, politics, and climate change.  The American economy appears to be booming, but it isn’t supported by numbers of classic economic indicators and more importantly, consumers are beginning to feel consequences of tightening markets and an inequal economy.  Rinaldo explains this apparent paradox by analyzing Berkshire Hathaway’s annual shareholder letter and the concept of a stock buyback.  Then the show shifts focus towards a conversation about political ‘isms’ and so called “social programs” in the United States.  This transitions to a concluding discussion about the importance of the Green New Deal and repercussions from the increasing rate of climate change.   Amazon’s departure from New York in search of a new location for a second headquarters is also mentioned briefly.


 2019-02-27  52m