CleftCast is a podcast dedicated to helping and informing the cleft and craniofacial community through real-life stories and information.


"CleftCast" -- The Power of Our Thoughts

The power of our thoughts is something that has been discussed for millennia, whether in the schools of philosphy, religion or social settings. Well, we're going to break down how thoughts do matter within the worldwide facial difference community. In this "re-birth" "CleftCast" podcast, host Joe Rutland will offer some words on how much more powerful kind, loving thoughts can help ease the pain of emotional disturbances versus filling minds with shame, guilt, fear, loneliness and anger. Rutland will talk about where these thoughts do have a place in people's lives, but they don't have to be so dominant. "CleftCast" is pleased to be back on the air!


 2016-04-05  27m