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episode 1: Yvette Silva Shares Solutions for Healing Trauma

My guest Yvette Silva is a survivor. She is the Founder of Revolution Embassy and has put together a tailor-made curriculum to get through the trauma of sexual abuse.  Realizing the hardest thing for her to do in order to heal was to Confront the Silence.  She has put those steps into a program in her books, Meditation & Prayer YDS and the Secular version, Your Journey Back. Her unique approach focuses on mediation for the mind and nutrition for the body with a focus of purpose for the soul. It is her purpose to bring healing to those effected by sexual abuse in order to restore health, hope, joy and passion for those ready for a change.  She is a Certified Silva Method Meditation Instructor, and a Certified Health Coach, working towards her Masters Certification with a passion for helping those ready for change. To learn more about Yvette and her programs visit  To learn more about Lighted Paths Radio, Claire Papin, or her book Mary's Miracles and Messages, please visit, and Facebook at  


 2018-03-29  30m