The Third Rail

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Spectre's Motivational Speech May 2019

Spectre’s Speech I want to speak to all of you. All of you within the sound of my voice. All the people who have touched my life on social media and in real life. All of the people who have inspired and supported me. All of the people I will meet in the future in this thing. All of the people who are fighting for our people. I know you’re feeling black pilled. We’re all feeling that lately. We talk a lot about the black pill here. But when we talk about it, we don’t talk about the black pill as some deep pit of depression and angst that is inescapable. For us the black pill is … the truth pill – recognizing how bad it is, but seeing that as just the first step. It is the first step towards resolve. It is a resolve to roll up our sleeves, recognize the challenge before us, and – having acknowledged the enormity of that challenge – to take the next step forward. We have to have the courage to face that storm and steer our way not away from it, but into the very heart of that storm. It is the resolve to face that oncoming storm and then become that oncoming storm. Our struggle is not just against our adversary – our eternal enemies who would like to see us erased from past, the present and the future. It is against our own weaknesses and the demons of our worst nature. Too often the knowledge of how big a fight we have ahead leaves us thrashing out blindly and in every direction. If we put as much effort into fighting our adversaries as we often do fighting those beside us, we might have already won. We fight against those who face the same enemies for no good reason. Maybe it’s frustration, maybe it’s a misguided impulse to police our own, and maybe it’s because we have a righteous anger against the world and a shapeshifting enemy that will never face us openly. But that’s when we’re at our worst. There is a war and it is already upon us. We have to awaken to the fact that whatever our differences – petty in light of the big picture – that we are all wearing the same uniform. That uniform is our skin. You may feel isolated. You may feel alone. You may feel like you are going crazy. But you are not. You are going sane, sane in a world that is beyond crazy. You are not alone. But it is up to you. No one is coming to save us. It’s up to you. Each and every one of you. You have to awaken the giant within you. In you are the genes, the culture and the strength of your ancestors – of a thousand generations that built the greatest monuments and reached the greatest heights this world had not before witnessed. Look at what we have accomplished. Not our ancestors, building the greatest civilizations on this little world – creating beauty, science, reason, love, art and culture the likes of which no other people could have conceived. Look at what WE, as a movement, have done. In a world where every institution of power – the state, academia, business, media – is against you, is actively trying to demoralize, silence and destroy you – you – WE – have proven the lie that is the foundation of their broken, corrupt and dishonest world. In just a few short years you have ripped away the mask and exposed the great serpent that is the neoliberal, cultural Marxist, anti-White narrative. You have put to lie their veneer of their claim to democracy, justice and freedom. Our people – the normies – did not think in these terms just a few years ago. By the grace of Pepe and Apu, they do now. Our adversaries rail against us daily. We occupy their every thought and fear. They have been reduced to the absurd claims of Patriarchy and White privilege – their all-powerful, all-invisible rationale for their own personal and civilizational failures. You have shown the world – and more importantly our enemies themselves – that they rely on self-deception and scapegoat to excuse their existential incompetence. We’ve pulled aside the curtain. Their power is an illusion. They exist in a Potemkin Village. Journalists now rail against free speech. So-called anti-fascists demand jail for political dissent. Politicians openly campaign against their own citizens in favor of hostile foreigners. The free market has been exposed as a self-serving lie for the benefit of the rootless cosmopolitan elite. Censorship is not the tool of the side winning the war of ideas. It is the tool of those who are losing their grip on power. You have reminded the Lilliputian neo-liberals and neo-conservatives, race hustlers and sexual deviants that giants once walked the earth, and can again. What else is the jihad against free thought and the campaign for deplatforming but a bald admission that their hateful lies can’t stand the light of truth? It is an admission of how feeble their grasp and how fragile their narrative is, when it can’t stand up to joyful mockery and cold, hard, irrefutable facts. It is a confession that the vast majority of ordinary White people – the vast majority of normal people – our people – can maybe be fooled for a moment, but that the enemy’s lies and narratives are so unnatural and so phony that the spell can be broken by a smirk. They push the idea that a 10-year-old boy in drag should be celebrated while a 14-year-old girl with a politically incorrect YouTube channel must be silenced. People are noticing. They push the idea that a high school boy smiling at a drunken degenerate Stolen Valor prairie abo is the face of evil, while the never-ending parade of fake hate crimes somehow never happened. People are noticing. They celebrate White displacement at the same time they call the Great Replacement a lie. People are noticing. And what you should notice is how ridiculous and hysterical they have become, because you have helped your people notice. They are afraid. Their desperation is palpable. They know a giant is awakening within our people. Our people are the apex predators of this world. Nothing – no gaslighting or constant campaign of guilt and historical lies – will change that. What can change is that giant can awaken. Maybe we’re awaiting that great leader. But what we must do now is become worthy of such a leader. We have to rebuild our people’s pride and rekindle their tribalism. That is the Great challenge before us. Our challenge is not to tear others down but to build our people up. It starts with rebuilding White communities, white tribalism and white cohesion. It means finding the best part in yourself and in those around you. You are the descendants of the mighty. In a world where nature and every other people stood against them, your ancestors took to the seas, forged empires, and harnessed the forces of earth and space. The challenge is great. But what’s in you to meet the challenge is far greater. I know this is a lot, but you have to look within yourselves to find the giant. The price of this can be high. They want to destroy every one of our people who doesn’t hate themselves enough. I’m willing to pay that price because I love our people and I love the truth, and I hate the snakes that want to see our people brought to ruin. And I know I’m not alone. The tide is turning. This is the time to take heart. We have a people to save and a world to win. I can’t imagine a greater adventure. All your people need – is everything you’ve got.


 2019-05-18  7m