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episode 63: #63: Dating Death, Dealing With An Ex, Partner Reassurance

Welcome to episode 63! In podcast episode 63, I want to discuss relationships with people in the industry of death, Andrey dives into dealing with your exes, and Ryan wants to talk about partner reassurance.
Dating Death, Dealing With An Ex, Partner Reassurance Outline

J Topic: Dating Someone In The Business Of Death

In episode 62, Ryan discussed Creepy Jobs. It made me think about people who work in these industries. What is their dating life like compared to everyone else? Is it really that much different?

How much of a concern should another person’s career be if you want to date them?
Do you think there is a misconception about people that work with death (morticians, embalmers, funeral directors, etc)?
One concern is having the”How was your day? discussion. Is this any different than couples that have vastly different professions?
As your younger self, would you have dated someone that had a career in death?

A Topic: How to Deal With Exes?

I went to my last wedding of this year and it was a big one. While it was generally a good and happy time for everyone, a by-product of big weddings is that there’s bound to be at least some beef when there’s that many people. Even though it didn’t necessarily cause any drama that night (thankfully), there were some interesting discussions the morning after.

Have you ever had to deal with a situation where you were forced to be around your ex for the sake of another friend?
Have you ever bailed on a friend because you didn’t want to deal with your ex?
What do you think is the best way to deal with a situation like that (i.e. do you suck it up and say hi and call a truce, or just avoid her the whole night)?

R Topic: The Importance of Partner Reassurance in a Relationship

Ayesha Curry has been getting negative feedback because of the comment that she has not received any male attention for the past 10 years. Although, her husband, Stephen Curry, seems to get a lot of attention from female groupies. The discussion I propose to the group is the importance of a partner’s reassurance in a relationship.

Do you feel more men or women need reassurance in a long-term relationship? Why or Why not?

Do you think this is different in LGBTQ or inanimate relationships?

Do you feel the person who does not get the reassurance in the relationship has the right to be insecure if this need are not met?
If both partners, had an equal amount of sexual appeal and reassurance from their significant other, would it still be an issue with either gender?
Do you think reassurance is necessary to have a stable and health relationship in the long-run?

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