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episode 162: 161: Machine Learning on Android with ML Kit and TensorFlow with Dan Jarvis

In this show, Donn talks with Dan Jarvis about Machine Learning on Android with ML Kit and Tensor flow. They dive deep into what ML (Machine Learning) is, what you need to know as a developer and how to apply those things to build ML applications on Android. They tal about what you can do on Android in regards to ML, model training and running the models on the device. You may be wondering if you should include the model in your app or if it should live on a server, that's discused as well and the reasons for it. They wrap up the show with some examples of what you could build and some great resources to get you started. Enjoy Shownotes

  • What Can Machine Learning Do?
  • ML Kit
  • ML Kit Demo Video
  • ML Kit Quickstart
  • Image Labeling Example
  • Custom Models
  • How Does Prisma Work?
  • Cucumber Example
  • Tensorflow Demo Apps
  • Inside AI Newsletter
  • TensorFlow Lite
  • TensorFlow Lite (TF Dev Summit '19) - [VIDEO]
  • Custom On-Device ML Models with Learn2Compress
  • Microcontoller Support
  • Face Generation
  • DroidCon NYC Applied Tensorflow iN Android Apps
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 2019-05-20  59m