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Elixir Mix is a weekly show focused on the Elixir programming community. Our panel discusses topics around functional programming, the Elixir ecosystem, and building real world apps with Elixir based tools and frameworks.




EMx 052: Production Pitfall Pontification


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  • CacheFly
  • Michael Ries
  • Josh Adams
SummaryMichael Ries and Josh Adams share mistakes they have made and common pitfalls developers fall into during production. They start by discussing Heroku and Josh explains what pushed him away from Heroku. They discuss alternatives to Heroku and give tips on finding that “deployment sweet spot”. Moving on to configuration, they discuss the most common configuration error and their favorite configuration tools. Michael and Josh share the ways they use clustering. Using their own experiences they explain how they fell into these pitfalls warning new elixir developers, giving advice and sharing career hacks.Links
  • https://nanobox.io/
  • https://gigalixir.com/
  • https://hex.pm/packages/conform
  • https://github.com/bitwalker/toml-elixir
  • https://github.com/keathley/vapor
  • https://github.com/coryodaniel/bonny
  • https://hex.pm/packages/libcluster
  • http://blog.plataformatec.com.br/2019/04/whats-new-in-elixir-apr-19/
  • https://jenkins.io/projects/jenkins-x/
  • https://hex.pm/packages/lbm_kv
  • https://twitter.com/elixir_mix
  • https://www.facebook.com/Elixir-Mix
PicksMichael Ries:
  • http://www.erlang-in-anger.com/
  • https://hex.pm/packages/recon
  • Manipulating the YouTube Algorithm
Josh Adam:
  • https://noagendaplayer.com/


 2019-05-21  52m