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episode 142: Beekeeping in the Hawkes Bay with Beekeeper John Berry

Yipee, we have just released a new beekeeping show. We hope you will enjoy this one. We sure enjoyed bringing it to you.

John Berry is a third generation beekeeper and has worked in the family Business "Arataki Honey" before starting his own business “Berry Bees” with his brother Peter. He now produces comb-honey for the Hawkes Bay Farmers Market.

Links / Resources mentioned this week

John's website is Here:-

2011 - Beekeepers fire up over outbreak

2015 - An interview with John’s Father “Ian Berry”

2016 - John Berry: Buzz off, you beekeeping bandits

2019 - Beekeepers say there's not enough food for all hives as more and more are created

2019 - Corporate interests stinging local beekeepers

Arataki Honey website is HERE:-

What is in the Show

  • What do you love about beekeeping? 00:02:00
  • What happened to the clover this year? 00:02:59
  • How did John get started in Beekeeping? 00:03:28
  • How did Arataki Honey get started 00:03:45
  • What would John tell his younger self 00:06:06
  • Do you have a funny beekeeping experience that you would like to share? 00:10:31
  • What can we do about AFB in New Zealand 00:12:19
  • The Honey levy proposed by Apiculture New Zealand 00:16:29
  • What does John think about the overstocking of hives in the Hawkes Bay? 00:18:12
  • What's the biggest issue facing beekeeping In the Hawkes Bay? 00:20:05
  • John work with VSH Queens 00:22:13
  • John is a Comb Honey Specialist producer 00:23:10
  • What does John use to Control Mites 00:24:46
  • John's mites showed signs of resistance to Bayvarol Strips 00:25:00
  • John is going to try Oxalic acid 00:27:30
  • Treated Bees produce more Honey 00:29:29
  • What's the biggest mistake you see a lot of new beekeepers making? 00:30:21
  • Is monitoring varroa mites a good idea? 00:31:15
  • Has Varroa benefited New Zealand Beekeeping? 00:34:30
  • Will Feral Bees return to New Zealand? 00:35:34
  • Why do bees turn nasty 00:37:59
  • Our Bees are designed to have a winter 00:41:00
  • Does the Hawkes Bay have a lot of wasps? 00:42:11
  • What are John?s plans for the coming season? 00:43:56
  • Is overstocking because of Manuka? 00:45:49
  • The pollination of clover is being threatened 00:46:40
  • The price of manuka sites is getting stupid 00:50:12
  • The Manuka Crop was zero this year in the HB 00:51:07
  • What does John think of the new Manuka Standard 00:54:20

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 2019-05-22  1h0m