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Trump defends move giving Attorney General Barr extraordinary power to declassify Russia probe intelligence; Trump declassifies "millions" of secret documents; Democrats accuse president of "weaponizing" intelligence; Trump attacks Pelosi's mental fitness

Schiff: House Intelligence will vigorously oversee any moves "to selectively reveal and distort classified information"; Trump slams Pelosi after tweeting edited video of her; Trump: Sending 1,500 troops to Mideast as "protective" measure; Trump administration will bypass Congress to expedite arms sales to Saudis and UAE; One GOP lawmaker stalls $19 billion disaster relief bill; Trump orders intelligence community to declassify information on Russia Probe; Democrats say he is going after enemies; House Judiciary Chair: Mueller "wants to testify in private"; Trump considering pardon for Navy SEAL accused of war crimes but won't commit to decision before trial; Ominous message from North Korea as Trump heads to region; Trump defends Barr's extraordinary power in Russia probe review via Knit


 2019-05-25  38m