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episode 29: Win a copy of KULT: Divinity Lost!

Do you like KULT: Divinity Lost? Would you like to own your own hardcover copy of the gorgeous KULT: Divinity Lost core rulebook?

If you would, you are in luck! During the coming three months we will be randomly selecting one of our Patreon supporters who will receive one KULT: Divinity Lost core rulebook sent to their home via mail. All you need to do to enter this giveaway is to go to our Patreon site here:
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To be eligible for the May giveaway you must remain a patron throughout the billing cycle at the beginning of June.

But aside from that, what does being a patron give you?

Well every month we do a Q&A show where we answer your questions about RPGs, the show and other fun topics. This one is available for only 1 buck a month, which is pretty crazy.

At 3 dollars you also get a bi-weekly episode of our Coriolis campaign, where we are playing through the adventures in the Emissary Lost campaign book.

Boost that to 5 dollars and you also get the classic campaign Taroticum for KULT: Divinity Lost bi-weekly. You of course also get the contents from the previous two levels.

The final level is 10 dollars which gets you our recordings in raw format and as early access. You can for example already now listen to the first 3 sessions of our No Man is an Island chronicle for V5, Kali Ghati for Delta Green and much much more.

Aside from getting all this content you enable us to keep making the show and to put more time in to it. Two of us work freelance or part-time and every dollar really does help a lot. It’s also fantastic validation of the work we put in and gives us warm feels all over.

So, please consider backing us on Patreon!


 2019-05-27  2m