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Millions in U.S. bracing for severe storms as tornadoes, flooding cause catastrophic damage, Biden resumes campaigning after 10-day break as his team blasts Trump for remarks in Japan

Democrats tell judge they want Trump's financial records to see if he's profiting from businesses as President, Department of Justice agrees to make public Mueller court activity, with redactions, Trump takes bipartisan heat for backing Kim Jong-un; Biden camp: Remarks "Beneath the dignity of the office", Democrats say they may want to ask Trump limited questions about his personal finances, Trump campaign calls Biden criticism "Rich" and points to time Biden slammed Trump in Germany, New fundraising plea from Biden campaign points to Trump criticism during Japan trip, Biden to attend town hall in Texas as his and Trump's campaign teams exchange accusations, GOP lawmaker who called Trump's actions impeachable holds town hall, U.N.: North Koreans trapped in "Vicious cycle of deprivation, corruption and repression", More severe weather due after tornadoes, flooding via Knit


 2019-05-29  36m