Founded in London in 2007, Phantasy has steadily transformed into one of the UK’s most diverse and artistically ambitious small labels. Neither rooted in electronic or alternative music, Phantasy small but expanding stable of artists work closely with founder and creative director Erol Alkan, to achieve the best possible sound and vision for a diverse audience.


#PHANTASYMIX 18: Timothy Clerkin

Timothy Clerkin has long been a staple figure of the UK club scene. His new EP for Ransom Note Records, 'Unborn', establishes his vision as a forward-thinking force in UK acid house. The latest guest for #PHANTASYMIX, Clerkin explores the sounds and producers currently inspiring his incredible live set and productions. Read our brief interview with Timothy Clerkin here, then buckle up: Follow Timothy Clerkin:


 2019-05-29  1h0m