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episode 234: Sensitive Topics (Tome 317)

In this episode of The Tome Show, Tracy Hurley sits down with Michael Mallen, Megan Connell, Elizabeth Kilmer, and Jared Kilmer, to talk about playing RPGs with players who have a trauma history, respecting player agency, checking in for appropriate topics, triggering factors in the game, and consent at the gaming table. Links: The Id DM on Dragon Talk Game to Grow with Adam and Adam Megan Connell on the Web Michael Mallen on Twitter Megan Connell on Twitter The Id DM on the Web Geeks Like Us on Patreon Geeks Like Us on the Web Geeks Like Us on Twitter Geeks Like Us Twitch Channel Clinical Roll on Twitter The Rumor System on DriveThruRPG  


 2019-05-30  51m