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Every Monday Brooklyn comedians Brandon Ream and Patrick Hastie talk to a hilarious guest about the best parts of growing up! Stuff like movies, cartoons and snacks! Then every Thursday they do a FUN SIZE deep dive into a specific topic! It rules!



episode 510: Fun Size #106 - Amusement Parks!

In this FUN SIZE episode Ream and Patrick talk all about AMUSEMENT PARKS! This week's sponsor is the SNL NERDS podcast! Are you a fan of Saturday Night Live? Are you a die-hard fan of Saturday Night Live? Are you a
total NERD over Saturday Night Live? Then baby, we’ve got a podcast for you! The SNL Nerds is a podcast dedicated entirely to all things Saturday Night Live on the Non-Productive Network! Each week, hosts Darin Patterson & John Trumbull, review and break down the latest episode of SNL and have a hilarious time while doing it! Jokes are made and tangents are gone off on while these two New Jersey comics show their love for the iconic late-night comedy show. They also get into the history of the show and have episodes where they list things like their Top 5 cast members, Top 5 SNL characters, Top 5 guest hosts and Top 5 sketches! You can follow the podcast on Twitter @SNLNerdsShow and listen to it on iTunes, Google Play and! SNL Nerds! It’s not on Saturday or at Night or Live...but it’s ALWAYS nerdy!
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 2019-05-30  55m