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This Podcast covers everything Alexa and her use within the smart home. The show also covers reviews on skills and product the are related to the Amazon Echo environment. Questions, Comments, or concerns please contact us a commandingechos@gmail.com and please me sure to leave us a review.



episode 39: A Few Minutes In Voice 29May19 | Sound Escape and Voice Delete of Audio Recordings

Sound Escape 

Today I talked about VSI’s newest Skill Sound Escape! This Skill features In-Skill Purchases, APL integration and touch/remote functionality. You can Loop and shuffle tracks the 8 tracks as well. Please be sure to leave us a review and request a type of sound in your review we are taking requests!

You can call or text us a message at 360-830-6662 for questions, comments, skill requests, and concerns about the show. Also, you can still contact us via e-mail at nick@voiceskillsinc.com.

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Delete voice recordings by voice CNET


 2019-05-30  9m