Our Ohio Weekly

Our Ohio Weekly shares the story of Ohio agriculture and Ohio Farm Bureau. Each week, this radio program and podcast features guests who represent leaders in agriculture, government, academia and the food industry, among others. Host Ty Higgins talks to interesting guests and brings the story of Ohio agriculture to life by featuring Farm Bureau members and staff who are working hard all across Ohio.



Animal Issues - Episode 645

Animals are a part of most everyone’s daily life. We connect with some as companions, others for entertainment and still others for sustenance. Today, we’re going to explore those connections through the eyes of two folks who are part of the community we rely on to provide care to our animals. Dr. Carol McConnell of Nationwide and Dr. Rustin Moore of Ohio State University are members of the veterinary profession, and join us to talk about a wide range of animal issues, on this episode of Town Hall Ohio.


 2019-06-03  48m