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Dies ist der Podcast zur re:publica19. Die dreizehnte Ausgabe der Konferenz (einige sagen Festival) fand am 6., 7. und 8. Mai in der STATION Berlin1 zusammen mit der MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin2 statt.


episode 42: Glitter Ain't Gold

Tiff Massey will talk about her experience and the expectations placed on her as black female interdisciplinary artist from Detroit having an international platform.

  • Tiff Massey

In this talk, artist Tiff Massey will discuss the juxtaposition of what one sees on social media vs. her real lived experiences; her successes and all of the challenges along the way. An established visual artist, Massey additionally uses music as a vehicle to capture and respond to her experiences and the expectations placed on her as a black female interdisciplinary artist from Detroit with an international platform. In many day-to-day instances, she is expected to have all of the answers, to speak for or represent ALL black people. She has countless times been underestimated, marginalized, or obstructed, and yet she still manages to thrive. Never one to shy away from a difficult conversation, Massey confronts serious topics head-on. At the same time entertaining and passionate, she will share a number of songs written and performed for the first time in Berlin in 2018, as well as the stories behind them.


 2019-05-06  42m