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The English podcast about life with the Dutch. Stories from people who have come to live in the Netherlands and those who are thinking about taking the plunge.Stories to make you laugh, cry, pull your hair out and jump for joy. An uplifting new series of podcasts produced by Andy Clark. Here in Holland has interview podcasts to give you expert info and advice on life in the Netherlands.Here in Holland has story podcasts too - internationals share their stories on life in one of the greatest countries in the world.


episode 12: Here in Holland: All you ever wanted to know about Dutch politics but never dared ask

There's a famous quote about Dutch politics which says: "if  Dutch politics ever gets interesting then something has gone terribly wrong."
This is nonsense. Dutch politics is fascinating. This time in the podcast I'm joined by historian and Dutch politics expert and insider Pieter Gerrit Kroeger.
We talk about what's hot now in Dutch politics, how the system works, what the Dutch stand for internationally and there's anecdotes to finish off.

You can use chapter marks to skip straight to your favourite bit.

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 2019-06-03  55m