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The Bad Christian Podcast

Comments on The Bad Christian Podcast? 888-563-3228 Description Matt, Toby and Joey discuss funny, controversial, and personal stuff with guests from the music business, leaders in the Christian world, and interesting folks from well outside of the Christian world. In other words... REAL TALK. | Bad Christian The language and topics used in this podcast are for mature listeners. Listen at your own discretion Website http://www.badchristian.com/podcast/ Opinion The intro didn't really set me up. It let me know we were going to talk about sex, and then in a "Hey if Joe Rogan can do it so can we" you front-loaded a bunch of ads. Then instead of getting to the show, you do an intro that I felt took forever to get to the "Welcome to the show and all of the sudden we switch hosts, with no real introduction of the show or the topic or who the guest is. For me, I couldn't figure out is this was indeed a Christian show, or someone lining up to make fun of Christians. So, in the end, I didn't hate it, but they didn't pull me in. Get A Full Review If you’d like a full review of your podcast, check out Podcast Review Show or if you need Podcast Consulting, Book an Appointment Today Get Your Podcast Reviewed Sign up at Fiverr. com Get a full review on the Podcast Review Show. Free Subscription to the Podcast Rodeo Show Subscribe to the show and never miss another episode on Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts. For more options see www.podcastrodeoshow.com/subscribe Work With Me Start your podcast with a membership to the School of Podcasting, or let me be your podcast mentor and guide and work side by side.


 2019-05-18  10m