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Offices for Humans

Kristin Kelsey, an expert on modern office design, joins the show today. 

Kristin provides great insight into why your office looks like it does today and where it’s headed in the future. She also discusses biophilic design, the “third space”, and array of positive and negative trends in office design throughout the years.

But the end of the episode I’m sure you’ll be looking forward to the future Kristin posits.

In This Episode

  • How the 50's and 60's changed the overall paradigm of office design.
  • What the “action office” was and how it impacted modern office design.
  • Kristin’s take on the limited amount of square footage employees receive today for office space.
  • Considerations that go into designing communal spaces in an office environment.
  • How what were once dead spaces have become the “third space.”
  • Future trends such as biophilic design and more.


 2019-06-04  38m