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MM9 The Pink Letter

The Dreaded Pink Letter has arrived. What does it mean? Did Ramsay really write it? Join the moderators of r/asoiaf – Michael, Eliana, Matt, Aaron, and Alex – as they bring you the best ASOIAF highlights from January 2018 and tackle a plethora of theories surrounding the mysteries of the Bastard Letter.





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0:00:00 Introduction Montage

0:04:52 “What is your favorite ASOIAF Creature?”

-Subreddit Highlights Jan 2018-

0:12:44 “A 1996 Review of A Game of Thrones” by /u/Starfall University –

0:22:23 “Something Interesting I Noted in Sansa’s First Chapter” by /u/sssuperstark –

0:33:29 “Who in Your Opinion is the Truest Knight in The Seven Kingdoms” by /u/avataraccount –

0:55:14 “Melisandre’s Seduction & The Shadow that Almost Was” by /u/rustythesmith –

1:08:52 “Will Theon be Able to Confess?” by /u/3eyedCrowTRobot –

-Main Topic-

1:23:44 “The Pink Letter”

2:23:59 Conclusion


– All artwork used with permission or under fair use. Map artwork is adapted from “The Lands of Ice & Fire” Map Set, available in bookstores or “A World of Ice and Fire App” available for iOS and Android –

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