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MM18 Best of 2018

It’s that time of year again! Join bookshelfstud, glass_table_girl, JoeMagician, Fat_Walda, and newcomer JonesTony710 as we tackle the absolute cream of the crop from /r/asoiaf in the year 2018!

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First place: No mercy and no empty threats: Kingslayer’s choice in the Winds of Winter by /u/BaelBard

Discussed on Episode 17, “Throw Deuces to Death”

Second place: Jon Snow: His is the Song of Ice and Fire by u/i_am_heathen_king

Best New Theory

First place: The One True Ring: What’s Really in the Winterfell Crypt by u/paparatti

Discussed on Episode 13 “We Can Swear Now”

Second place: Unnoticed Point about the Pink Letter by u/skullofthegreatjon

Comment of the Year

First place: Jaime killing Cersei would be a good end to Cersei’s arc, but a step backward in Jaime’s by /u/The_Coconut_God

Second place: The Lannisters’ incredible PR team by /u/PatrickMcWhorter

Post of the Year

First place: Spreadsheet of ALL ASOIAF CHARACTERS! 2018 UPDATE by /u/thomaerys

Discussed on Episode 15, “Slashcast”

Second place: Mercy, Mercy, Mercy: On Sansa, Sandor, and Arya. by /u/zombie-bait

Dolorous Edd Award for funniest one liner

First place: u/canitryto  for the accidental implication of a Luwin & Catelyn affair

​Second place: u/SerDuncanonyall  for Undead Stannis grinding his teeth


Best Tinfoil/Shiniest Tinfoil Theory

Connecting Littlefinger to the “Lyanna was kidnapped” storybyu/TLTWP

Best Catch

Theory on how Euron walked the Doom without setting foot in Valyriaby u/Munkaveli

Alchemist Award (theory most likely to make you want to light yourself on fire if true)

The Dark Secret of Boros Blount by u/EverythingM

Funniest Post

Pomegrantes, how do they work? by /u/Turnshroud

​Best Analysis (Not Character)

The evolution of GRRM’s writing style between AGOT and AFFC/ADWD – and beyond /u/Dzonnn


The Mannis Award (for not bending the knee/most stubborn defender of their own theory)

We Should Not Need GRRM’s Word to Call a Character Righteous by /u/Mithras_Stoneborn [-1]

Ser Duncan the Tall Award (for the crow most committed to substantively engaging with other people)


Best Critter Post

​My project that started here in r/asoiaf has been published! The Zoological Nomenclature of Ice and Fire! by /u/E_v_a_n

Citadel Award (for best researched theory/analysis)

Sansa and Sandor’s REAL — But Still Figurative — Wedding by u/M_Tootles

Dondarrion Brain-Stormlord Award (best collaborative development of theories)

Stannis vs Littlefinger by /u/genkaus

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