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QT17: S8E05 “The Bells”

Ask not for whom the pod casts – it casts for thee! Join Bookshelfstud, glass table girl, and Joe Magician as they discuss the wildest stuff on /r/asoiaf following the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones!

Was Mirri Maz Duur right by /u/captain_flintlock

Grey girl on dying horse by /u/RockyRockington


“Wait here i’ll get my manager” comment by /u/Undershaker

[Spoilers MAIN] Ringing Hell’s Bells by sowar1de

(Spoilers Main) The issue isn’t the lack of foreshadowing. The issue is the foreshadowing. By shhansha

“The Bells” was not a bad episode by /u/afeastforgeorge

(Spoilers Main) Despite whatever misgivings I have with the shows current writing, I really appreciate the level of discourse going on surrounding the latest episode on both sides by spacelionfgc

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