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101 Dimensions - June 2019-1

Fans of electronic/ambient music: I'm at the helm of 101 Dimensions again this week and as usual I've tried to dig up a few things a little out of the ordinary for your chilled listening delight! Here's what I have lined up: 1. Jan Hammer – Seeds (4:12); Too Far (3:27); Magic Theater (3:45); Sunset (3:11); Transformers (2:32); and Nothing But Love (2:57) (from the album Beyond The Mind's Eye, 1992) 2. Nik Turner – Prophecy (4:44); Watching The Grass Grow (3:01); Children Of The Sun (4:26); Strontium 90 (2:42); Communique (3:43); and Chances Lost (4:14) (from the album Prophets Of Time, 1994) 3. Tangerine Dream – No Man's Land (9:43); Hyperborea Part I (4:07); and Hyperborea Part II (4:48) (from the album Hyperborea, 2008) 4. Church of Hed – Echoes Of December (5:37); and A Cold White Universe (10:01) (from the EP A Cold White Universe, 2017) 5. The Orb - The Dream (6:25); Vuja De (5:45); Something Supernatural (0:36); and A Beautiful Day (6:48) (from the album The Dream, 2007) 6. Thomas Dolby – Armageddon (5:29); Planet Of Lost Souls (3:00); Big Bang Backwards (2:11); N.E.O. (5:47); and The Ascent Of Man (8:32) (from the album The Gate To The Mind's Eye, 1994) I hope you will join me! Until next time, be well, and Prog On, my brothers and sisters! T (not Thomas Thielen)


 2019-06-05  2h2m