Mission To Zyxx

An improvised science fiction sitcom following a team of ambassadors as they attempt to establish diplomatic relations with planets in the remote and chaotic Zyxx Quadrant… better known as the "ass end of space."



L06: Crank the Dehumidifier [LIVE ft. Jon Gabrus]

In this special Season 2 era episode, we return to a more innocent time – before the Planet Crushers were crushed, when little Beano was still wuvving life. Recorded LIVE at Dynasty Typewriter in Los Angeles with guest Jon Gabrus!

The crew heads to the very polite planet NOSH to secure funding for the Rebellion against the Federated Alliance. C-53 reveals an experiment in progress. Dar gets sandy. Beano know the biz.

Jeremy Bent as C-53
Alden Ford as Pleck Decksetter
Allie Kokesh as Dar
Seth Lind as Nermut Bundaloy and The Chef
Winston Noel as Beano and Sub-Priest Phaaaaah
Moujan Zolfaghari as Bargie and High Princess Kahhgh

Featuring special guest Jon Gabrus

Recorded on July 29th, 2018
Live sound design and mix by Shane O’Connell
Edited by Seth Lind
Music composed by Brendan Ryan
Opening crawl narration by Jeremy Crutchley
Ship design for The Bargarean Jade by Eric Geusz

Audio hosting by Simplecast

Mission to Zyxx is a proud member of the Maximum Fun network.


 2019-06-05  38m