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J&E CATCH UP – Farty Party, Dogs In Bed & Shepp’s Number 1 Attraction!

This week “loose Friday shows” have been taken to the next level! Josiah spends all morning planning a ‘farty party’ for Elly to finally admit she’s farted before on the radio… It is very entertaining! A debate that has divided the guys this morning is – should dogs be allowed in the bed? Elly’s against it, Josiah’s not! Shepparton’s number one ‘thing to do’ has been revealed by Tripadvisor so J&E decide to devise their own list of Shepp’s REAL attractions! Nath Currie and Lexie Jeuniwic from Channel 9 stop by for their segments on AFL and local news respectively. Screw Up Fridays and Headline of the Week are back too – enjoy!


 2019-06-07  34m